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Phone: 1-321-953-3373

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To order your tools:

PayPal Shopping Cart available for most standard products directly from


e-mail our request to sales@e-taps.com please include:

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  • Phone Number
  • Method of shipping
  • PO # if applicable

Send us a fax to 1-321- 953-3323

or call us at 1-321-953-3373


Paypal Shopping Cart (Credit Card)http://e-taps.com/warehouse.html

PO (NET 30)

Credit card by phone

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COD (COD charges apply)

Wire Transfer or International Money Orders for International Customers (outside of US and Canada)

*Please note: for standard shipping via USPS Priority mail add $5.75 shipping (USA only) plus $5.00 handling. For shipping via any other method e.g. UPS, Fedex, USPS Overnight standard rates apply see