Established in 1947 by Emil Dabkowski in Warsaw, Poland; MZP Dabex specializes in the highest quality manufacturing of metric taps, metric dies.

The late 1990s were exciting times for MZP Dabex as the organization received its ISO 9002 certification and the on-line marketplace,, was launched. was established to fulfill the just-in-time cutting tool needs of our clients ranging from multinational corporations to
do-it-yourself, worldwide.

By specializing in high quality manufacturing of cutting/threading tools we not only provide our customers and clients with an integrated cutting/threading solution to fit their particular and individual needs but also one-2-one customer service where your not a number resulting in the most comprehensive and complete service available anywhere.

We are able to differentiate ourselves from competitors by providing our customers with the most knowledgeable sales/engineering staff, capability to manufacture to customer specification, a massive inventory of standard sized cutting/threading, 24 hour 7 days a week service and most importantly one-2-one service to every customer.

Our international sales headquarters as well as warehouse are located in Palm Bay, Florida, USA.

Manufacturing Solutions For Your Threading Needs.